Sometimes your Win Sentinel Communications may fail, or hiccup due to power surges/outages/heat or other external factors. When this happens a device may fall out of sync with the rest of the communication chain. When this happens you may need to restart communication in the Win Sentinel Software. 

Lets walk through that now.

If Win Sentinel is not already open it can be found on the desktop of the computer controlling your gate system.

Once you have Win Sentinel open, you can access the top tool bar:

You should click on Operations and then Display Communication Summary:

Doing this step first allows you to see what devices if any are in a "failed" state.

A window like the one below should open:

If you have one or more devices that has failed in communication, it will state it under the status field shown above.

We would first try restarting communications by clicking the Operations Menu on the main tool bar, then restart communications:

On the display communication summary screen the poll count should now be starting from 1 again and all devices should register a status of OK. You should now be able to use the keypad(s) in question now.

If this did not resolve your problem, you might need to physically reset the device itself. Instructions for that can be found here.