Your access control system is designed to allow or deny access to areas of your facility based on assigned permissions. On rare occasions it may deny customers who should have access. When this happens, it could be for a couple of different reason, usually because of a incorrect setting during move in. 

First you should log into your Site Link console from any desktop

One logged in, The Operations Window should open. click on payments:

Once you click on payments, the tenants window should open. You can type in the search bar at the top the room number of the customer having issues. 

Double click on the tenant you want to edit which will open the contract for that tenant.

On the Left-Hand Side click on the access tab, Then click the edit button to the right of the yellow arrow in the example below.

On the Access Page, you will see two very important fields. Time Zone, and Keypad Zone.

Time Zone represents if the customer has Regular/Business Hr Access, Extended Hours, or 24 Hour Access. This must reflect what the customer is paying for.

Keypad Zone represents the location of the customers unit. If their unit is on the 3rd floor, it should reflect the 3rd floor and so on.

In the example below, the customers unit is on the second floor, but the keypad zone states Entry Gate. This means the customer can not access the building or the elevators.

This customer is also locked out because of an unpaid balance which will also restrict access once we resolve the floor issue.

The keypad zone must be changed to floor 2 access to allow the customer entry. Using the pull down menu select the corresponding floor for the unit having an issue.

***Note: Not all sites have the same layout or zone description. Please ensure you use the correct location for the unit.

Once you have selected the correct location click ok.

You will be prompted, are you sure you want to make this change? Select yes. The system will process a gate update and the customer will then have access again within 5 minutes.

If this did not resolve your issue please contact us by opening a ticket immediately.