Did you know the AIPHONE JK system is a system that provides a lot of fire power, with the least implementation needed?

Pressing the Monitor button allows you to see and hear what is happening at your door station location in real time. You can also Pan Tilt or Zoom in using the directional pad center of the console.

Pressing the talk button allows you communicate with the person on the other end in real time.

The camera on your JK door station auto focuses on the object that is in its view.

When you miss a visitor, the master station will record up to 6 images allowing you to see who stopped by while you were away providing further peace of mind with security.


Volume is too loud or too low? On the right side of the master station shown above, you will find the volume controls for the door bell and the volume control for hearing someone speak from your door station. Scroll up to raise the volume and down to lower it.

My Master station is not on:

Did you know on the left side of the master station shown above their is a power switch? ensure that it is in the own position. Sometimes the device can be missed-handled and switched to the off position.

The switch is on, but still not showing anything:

First we need to locate the power supply for the AIPHONE. It is called the PS-120 (power supply -120 Volts), and should be located at an outlet near or below your master station. First, check to see if it has been unplugged. If so, just plug it back in.

Next, if it is plugged in, check your door station. Is your door station label still illuminated? if so then the master station may have an issue, and a technician may need to be dispatched.

If the door station is not illuminated, then you must check your circuit breaker, and ensure that outlet is getting power.